Niru Yoga Homestay and Yoga Retreat Center Bhaktapur

-7:00          Set your alarm, because this is wake-up time!

-7:30           Drinking Niru’s tea in the garden and doing Jala Neti (nasal cleaning).

-8:00          One hour Hatha yoga with half an hour of pranayama (breathing exercises).

-9:30          Breakfast time in dining hall.

-10:30        Hiking in nature. Please bring things you might need with you (sunglasses, sunscreen,
cap, extra jacket,raincoat etc.). Rajan and Dinesh also brings lot of things.

-13:30        Lunch time in dining hall.

-14:30        After lunch it’s resting time until tea time.

-17:30        Tea in garden before starting class.

-18:00         One hour Hatha yoga with half an hour of pranayama (breathing exercises).

-19:30        Dinner time in dining hall.

-20:00         Free time in evening and rest.

About the rooms: 

Please note: Niru Yoga Homestay has a capacity of 20 people at a time. When not fully booked, we will always try to provide as many people as possible a private room (for shared room price). In case more people book, it is possible you share the room. Only if you book a private room, you ensure you have a private room the full duration of your stay.

When you book, please tell us your gender. In Nepal we can not provide a shared room to people with different sexes.
Niru and Rajan can also assist you with organizing or helping you on any visit of your interest in e.g. Nagarkot, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Himalayan Base Camp or other places in Nepal. If you wish to learn more about the local culture and e.g. learn how to cook Nepalese food, milk the cow, grind herbs and spices, etc., it can also be organized.

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