‘Karma Yoga’ is a new programme designed to give people a chance to teach part time in a local school for one month. The teaching will be for half days, over 6 days each week. There will be about 3-4 classes a day, each lasting around 40 minutes with a break after each class. As this is very much a village school (set in the hills), the number of children in each class should be less than 10, with the children’s ages around 8-12. Saturday is the free day, which is a holiday in Nepal and on Fridays the school also finishes early so volunteers will have less teaching time then too.

The teaching subject will be English language, but if volunteers have some special skill / interest they would like to teach or pass on to the children this may also be possible: such as Music, Singing, Art or a particular Sport. Volunteers will receive free accommodation at the Yoga Homestay, along with two meals each day and a Yoga and Pranayama class each morning and evening (subject will be change). There will also be opportunities to join in other activities during days off and free time, such as jungle trekking. The school is a local government school, which is close to the heart of both Rajan’s and his families, as it was the school where many generations of their family did attend themselves. So this programme also offers the chance to give a little back to the local community by giving the children exposure to foreigners and people from a different culture. At the end of the programme, each volunteer will be presented with a certificate with an official government stamp which they can take away with them and use as evidence in future job applications or interviews. If you are interested please click on the link below or if you have further questions, please feel free to contact Rajan, who will answer them for you. “Karma Yoga can be described as a form of selfless service, or of ‘taking the right action’ and can be used in itself as a form of spiritual practice. The desire to act can stem in part from a wish to serve the greater good or divine will. Therefore the fruits of our action can also be more beneficial to ourselves and others, thus propelling us further along our own path.” Program Schedule Numbers of Volunteer: 2 during time: 1 month include: two times yoga, three times meal, hiking, clean and comfortable room with hot and cold shower, Free Wifi, and more.

per day charge: Rs.1500 for shared room charge.
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