niru yoga homestay organic food

Organic happy food

The homestay strives to provide nourishing, clean and tasty vegetarian food. The homestay gets about 75% of its food (dependingon the season) directly from our organic homestay farm. Our food is prepared in traditional Nepalese fashion with a wood fire on an earthen stove. At the homestay you can also enjoy all the fruits available ripe from our own trees.

Three meals a day of freshly cooked vegetarian food are provided in the dining area overlooking the mountains to the north of the homestay.

The kitchen will accommodate any special dietary needs. If you wish to learn how to make the food at the homestay, you are always welcome to assist in the kitchen.

The menu varies daily and typically includes the following:


Ayurvedic herbal tea unlimited, unlimited drinking water, Pancake, Paratha (ourside bread; inside potato), Rothi with Vegetable, beetroot or turmeric Puri sabji, popcorn with  fruit and curry, Halwa, with fruits, dates and raisins or coconut, bananas, papaya or chickpeas. Other breakfast offerings may include samosa, uppama and Nepalese breakfast.


Dal (pulses), vegetables (pumpkin, carrot, cauliflower, peas, spinach mushroom, potato and sometime Poneer (cottage cheese)  etc.), rice and chapatti (Roti).

Note: we have 99.9% five star for food 

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